The Golem and the Jinni (2013) is the third book about a Golem that I’ve posted about. I haven’t been seeking out Golem books, they just find me. This one was selected for our Temple’s co-ed book group. Is the debut novel of Helene Wecker, a Jewish woman married to a  Arab-American man. 

This fantasy novel starts in Europe but mostly takes place in New York City’s immigrant Lower East Side and Little Syria. Set  in the late 1800s; the backdrop for this story is totally factual. It’s the characters who bring the magic. The Golem is polite and obedient. She was created to be a wife and protector. The Jinni is worldly, pleasure seeking and literally full of fire. 

The story has many other characters, some magical, most not. It also has many subplots including one that takes us back hundreds of years. This book is easy to follow. I liked  the Golems storyline the best, perhaps because I feel the most comfortable in the yiddish immigrant world. 

Of the three golem books I’ve blogged about in a row, this one is the best for true fantasy readers. 

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