Judenrein (2020) by Harold Benjamin is an action-thriller set in an alternative modern-day America.

For their own protection American Jews are forced to give up their property and their occupations.  The Jews are rounded up and put in ghettos called Kike Kennels. But this is not the holocaust of the 1940s, the displaced people receive food stamps and are allowed to have religious services. 

The round-ups started when liberal Jews sided with the PLO then the Presidential- Flag waving, Maga- hat-wearing crowd, accuse all Jews of being terrorists. 

The main character, Zach was a yeshiva educated kid who got into trouble and was thrown out of his family and his religion. He is a recovering Junkie with little ties to the Jewish community. When he is recruited to help the Jews in the Kennels, Zach considers that he is being set up. FBI agents, Presidential advisors, and even the President are characters in the novel. 

The story moves quickly, there is lots of action and violence. Throughout the book I wondered, along with Zach, who was trustworthy and who was not. Short chapters, lots of action, and many references to Orthodox Jewish Culture made Judenrein an intriguing story.

Reading it during the COVID-19 Shut down made the story even scarier. Judenrein is a work of fiction that puts white supremacists in charge of America–it makes for an intriguing read and a very frightening scenario. 

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads.  Recommended for those who like Dan Brown & John Grisham. 

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